About Dee's Group

Dee’s Group was founded by Deepak Patel and is an investment group specialising in UK businesses. We focus on creating value for our stakeholders by offering the essential expertise to drive growth.

Our investee companies benefit from a fully integrated range of professional support services for the entire investment cycle.

Dee’s Group invests in growth companies within the support services sector run by expert management teams. We stand out from the conventional private equity firms due to our active management policy.

Receiving investment from Dee’s Group means much more than money. Each investment is looked after by a highly skilled and experienced investment manager, ensuring your investment and our investment is worked as hard as possible and the risks are mitigated and managed.

Our talented investment management and support teams have the skills to provide our portfolio with the highest quality advice. They provide guidance on a range of business issues, from strategy and operations to the last digital innovations to transform marketing campaigns. Our financial management expertise is particularly valuable, ensuring that our businesses are supported on all key investment decisions.

Investment criteria

We have a broad criteria for suitable investment opportunities
The Dee’s Group portfolio is made up of diverse businesses across different sectors and industries but with one common vision – developing strong management teams and high growth.

Our criteria:
  • UK based
  • New starters
  • Development strategies
  • £10,000 to £10m
  • Capital equipment investments
  • Short-term or long-term

our charity

We are supporting Papworth Hospital for their leading work in organ transplantation.
The founder of Dees Group received a heart transplant in October 2011.
Papworth is one of the countries main adult heart and lung transplant centre. Papworth have carried out over 1,200 heart transplant operations and 800 lung transplant operations since performing UK's first successful heart transplant operation in 1979. Papworth has also pioneered the use of invasive monitoring and hormone resuscitation for managing multi-organ donors, which has become the international gold standard in donor management. www.papworthhospitalcharity.org.uk